What to Expect from Each Year of College 

Most people remember their college experience as being unique and exciting, and they say that if they were able to go back in time, they would want to be in college once again. A few don’t even want to talk about those years. When you hear such contradictory opinions, you may wonder what you can expect from college, right? Well, this article will give you a so-called preview of your further experience, year by year.
First year of college
One of the first and most obvious feelings that you will experience is freedom. For the first time in your life, you are free to live just as you wish. You can go to sleep at 4 AM, party all night, eat whenever you want, etc. Or at least, you think so. Shortly, you will notice that you still need to rest and stay organized but you can manage your time just as you want, that’s for sure.
Another aspect that contributes to this sensation of freedom is that you are no longer stuck to a strict school-hour schedule. In fact, you can take only afternoon classes or only morning classes. Also, you can schedule all of your classes in just two days, for example, and then enjoy five days a week without any educational activity. That’s what we call freedom.
Unfortunately, you will also have to deal with introduction classes, which are mandatory, but may be really boring. You may have no interest in general classes, but still have to take them. In these circumstances, you may find urgent essay writing services necessary.
The first year of college may be hard because you will also miss your friends and family, especially if you study abroad or far away from them. On the other hand, you meet a multitude of other people and make new friends.
Second year of college
You’re no longer a freshman, but this year doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you already know your campus, university, city, and get more involved in a broad range of activities.
In many colleges, you are supposed to switch dorms each year, which means that you will have other roommates. Therefore, your social life can be enhanced once again, as you have the opportunity to enter new social circles.
Many students decide to join plenty of programs or clubs they were reluctant about in their first year. This can provide you with a wide array of opportunities to fathom an individual subject, meet new people, as well as career and volunteering possibilities.
Third year of college
This year is similar to the second one regarding the expectations. Also, you already have acquired new skills and abilities. Your professors expect you to prove these in your assignments. On the other hand, the bonds you created with your colleagues and friend are getting stronger know.
Last year of college
Your freedom is about to end, and you need to prepare for real life. You are about to present one of the most important and elaborate papers from your entire academic journey, and you will be stressed out because of this almost the whole year. This is te thesis year. And if you can`t manage it by yourself, you can ask some dissertation writing services for help. However, you should plan your time ahead and stick with your schedule, so that you can finish everything on time. Don’t neglect your friends, either. Some of these friendships are for life. 
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